Installation Guide

How to Install?

For Android and below:

  1. Begin the installation process for an APK (Android installation file) as you normally would.
  2. When you try to install it, a pop-up will appear saying that the app doesn’t have permission to install APKs.
    • Tap on the “Settings” option in the pop-up or Go to phone “Settings”.
    • Tap on “Security” or “Lock screen and security”.
    • Scroll down to find the “Unknown Sources” option.
    • Toggle the switch or checkbox to enable it.
    • A warning will pop up. Read it and tap “OK” if you agree.
    • Go back and Navigate to your downloads or the location where the APK was downloaded.
    • Tap on the APK file and install it. (Do not open the app/game after installing.)
  3. If the downloaded contained is OBB file:
    • Unzip/Extract the OBB File.
    • After extracting, move the entire folder (not just the individual .obb file) to the path: Internal Storage/Android/obb/‘. If an obb folder doesn’t exist, you can create one.
    • After moving the OBB folder to the correct path, you can now launch the app or game. It should run correctly and access the data from the OBB file as needed.
  4. If the downloaded contained is Data file:
    • Unzip/Extract the Data File.
    • After extracting, move the entire folder to the path: Internal Storage/Android/data/‘.
    • After placing the Data folder in the correct location, you can now launch the app or game. It should function properly and access the data from the Data folder as needed.

Tips And Trick:-

1. Modified Apps can’t OVERWRITE/UPDATE OVER original Apps.

  • Explanation: When developers publish apps on the Google Play Store, they sign them with a unique digital signature. Modded apps often come with a different signature unless the modder didn’t change the APK’s contents, which means the modified app cannot replace the original app as the system detects them as different applications.
  • Tip: If you want to use a modded version of an app, ensure that you’ve uninstalled the original version first to avoid any conflicts or issues.

2. Mods from Different Modders Can Not Overwrite/Update Over Each Other. [Possible only if both Mod Apks have the same signature]

  • Explanation: Just as modded apps can’t replace original apps due to the signature difference, two modded versions of the same app created by different modders will also typically have different signatures. The only exception is if they use the exact same unchanged APK.
  • Tip: Always be sure about the mod source. If you’re switching between different modded versions of an app, it’s a good practice to uninstall the previous version first before installing another. This helps to prevent any potential conflicts or issues.

3. Clean Install Meaning is: Clear Cache, Clear Data of App, Uninstall App, then install The App Again.

  • Explanation: A clean install ensures that no residual data from the previous installation affects the newly installed app. This can be especially crucial when dealing with modded apps, where there might be significant differences in data structures or how the app operates compared to its original version.
  • Tip: If you ever face issues with any app (not just modded ones), performing a clean install can often resolve unexpected behaviors or crashes. Remember that clearing the app’s data will remove all saved settings, logins, and other stored information for that app, so ensure you have backups or remember your credentials.