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Play online or over local WiFi with 4-15 players as you attempt to prep your spaceship for departure, but beware as one will be an impostor bent on killing everyone!
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Nov 7, 2023
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Nowadays many mishap occurs when the terrorist take the character of normal passengers and get into the plane and hijack them. Well this is being done for so many years but still no one is able to differentiate between the traitors and real passengers. But there is a game which is based on the same concept but it will also allow you to use your strategies in order to identify the traitors. This game is called Among Us. In this game the workers will hide in a spaceship for the routine work in it but some traitors will also get into the spaceship in the form of the workers. After that they will try to complete their heinous goals and you will have to identify who are the traitors among the workers in this game. You can also take advice from your friends in the multiplayer mode and you can also chat with them so that you can find the traitor. If you think that you are wise enough to find the Traitor then give this game a try.

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Among Us

What is the Among Us game?

It is a strategic Gameplay in which you will also be able to make use of action. In this game you will have to find the traitors in the herd of the workers. You will also be able to use a lot of different weapons to kill the traitors as well. If you ever get suspicious about any worker then you can also discuss it with other players as well.

What is the Among Us Mod APK?

It is the hacked version of the among us game. In this hacked version the user will get to play the role of a traitor every time they play the game, moreover they will also get unlimited money in this hacked version as well.

How to play the Among Us game?

Among Us is a simple game, if you are playing the role of a crewmate then you will have to complete the missions that will be assigned to you but if you are an imposter then you will have to kill the crewmate one by one and complete your task of bringing disaster to the spaceship.

What happens when the imposter kills the crewmate?

If an imposter kills the crewmate then the crewmate will also get a chance to remain active in a game but as a ghost, which means that he will not be able to touch anything on the spaceship but he can help the crewmates in certain tasks.

Features of the Among Us game

Interesting Gameplay

This game features an interesting Gameplay in which you will have to use your strategic mind in order to find the traitor who is killing your crew members. You will have to keep an eye on every crew member in order to fight the traitor. You can also discuss your suspicions with your friends.

Complete simple tasks

If you are a crew member then you will have to perform the certain tasks that will be assigned to you. For example if you are playing the role of an engineer then you will have to settle all the machinery in the spaceship and take care that nothing goes wrong.

Discussions through chats

You will have to identify the traitor by keeping an eye on crew members, if you find anything suspicious about a certain crew member then you can also discuss it with the other players as well with the help of the chat option that is available in the game.

Make use of weapons

If you are playing the role of an imposter then you will have to use certain weapons to kill the crew members. Your main task is to bring disaster to the spaceship and kill the other crew mates.

Find the traitor

In order to find the imposter you will have to keep an eye on all the crewmates. For example if a crew member repeats one task then there are the chances that he is the imposter.

Features of the Among Us MOD APK

Play as imposter

The hacked version of this game will allow you to play the role of an imposter every time you play the game.

No interruptions

There will be no interruptions of unwanted and annoying ads in the Among Us Mod APK.

Free to play

The modified version is also free to play.


If you are the one who likes to play mind games then this game will definitely become your favourite as you are free to use all the strategies in this game. If you want to play this game without any limitations, you can download its modified version by clicking on the download link that is available in this article.


Q. Is Among Us an online game?

Yes, you will require the internet to play this game.

Q. Can I play Among Us individually?

No, this is a multiplayer game and you cannot play this individually.



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