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Do you want to learn English with popular movies and TV shows? Or learn Spanish by reading books with bilingual translation and adapted audiobooks?
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EWA MOD APK is an education application specialized in English teaching while featuring other international languages for further education. This app is for you if you need a comprehensive education app with efficient lessons and helpful features.

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Learn English & Spanish

About EWA: Learn English & Spanish

EWA: Learn English is a language learning app developed by Ingsoft Inc. It is designed to help users improve their English language skills through a variety of interactive lessons, exercises, and games. The app is suitable for learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers, and offers a range of features and tools to make learning English fun and engaging.


  1. Personalized Learning: One of the unique features of EWA: Learn English is its personalized learning approach. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ learning patterns and preferences, and then adapts the lessons and exercises accordingly. This ensures that users are always challenged and engaged, and that they are making progress at a pace that suits them.
  2. Lessons and Exercises: EWA: Learn English offers a wide range of lessons and exercises to help users improve their English skills. The lessons cover all aspects of language learning, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation. Each lesson is accompanied by a series of exercises and quizzes to reinforce the concepts learned.
  3. Interactive Games: To make learning English more fun and engaging, EWA: Learn English features a range of interactive games. These games are designed to reinforce key language concepts and provide a fun way for users to practice their skills. Some of the popular games included in the app are Hangman, Word Search, and Crossword Puzzle.
  4. Progress Tracking: EWA: Learn English allows users to track their progress as they learn. The app keeps track of the lessons and exercises completed, as well as the user’s performance on each activity. This allows users to see their strengths and weaknesses, and to focus on areas where they need more practice.
  5. Audio and Video Lessons: In addition to written lessons and exercises, EWA: Learn English also offers audio and video lessons. These lessons are designed to help users improve their listening and speaking skills, as well as to provide a more immersive learning experience. The app also features a built-in voice recognition tool to help users improve their pronunciation.
  6. Community and Support: EWA: Learn English has a community of users from around the world who are learning English. The app features a chat forum where users can interact with each other, ask questions, and share tips and advice. The app also provides access to English tutors for users who need more personalized support.


EWA: Learn English offers a range of subscription options for users who want to access additional features and content. The subscription plans include:

  1. Basic Plan: The basic plan is free and provides access to a limited number of lessons and exercises.
  2. Premium Plan: The premium plan is a paid subscription that provides access to all lessons, exercises, and games, as well as additional features like personalized coaching and unlimited chat with tutors.
  3. Business Plan: The business plan is designed for companies and organizations that want to provide English language training to their employees. The plan includes access to all the features of the premium plan, as well as additional tools for tracking and managing employee progress.


EWA: Learn English is an excellent app for anyone looking to improve their English language skills. With its personalized learning approach, interactive lessons and games, and community support, the app provides a fun and engaging way to learn English. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, EWA: Learn English has something to offer. The app is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

MOD APK version of EWA: Learn English & Spanish

MOD feature

  • Premium Unlocked

Download EWA: Learn English & Spanish APK for Android

Providing diverse and useful features, EWA: Learn English & Spanish is not only an application that helps you learn foreign languages effectively, but it is also an entertainment application suitable for all ages. With many new, interesting and highly effective learning methods, learning a foreign language is no longer difficult or a fear for many older people. With those great utilities, what are you waiting for without downloading EWA: Learn English & Spanish right now?


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