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Jan 4, 2024
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Filmic Pro Mod APK provides a comprehensive set of tools and features that make it a top choice for professional videographers and filmmakers looking to capture high-quality video on mobile devices.

About FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is a powerful mobile app designed for professional video recording and editing. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, FiLMiC Pro empowers filmmakers, content creators, and enthusiasts to capture high-quality videos using their smartphones or tablets.

Professional-grade Video Recording

FiLMiC Pro offers an extensive range of professional features for video recording. Take control of your device’s camera settings, including exposure, focus, white balance, and frame rate, to achieve the desired cinematic look. The app supports manual controls, allowing you to fine-tune your shots and capture footage with precision.

Multiple Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

The app supports various video resolutions and aspect ratios, including standard HD, 4K, and even higher resolutions on supported devices. Choose the aspect ratio that suits your project, whether it’s traditional 16:9, cinematic 2.39:1, or square for social media platforms. FiLMiC Pro provides the flexibility to capture videos in the format you need.

Advanced Controls and Settings

FiLMiC Pro offers an array of advanced controls and settings to enhance your video recording experience. Adjust audio levels, choose audio sources, and monitor audio levels using real-time audio meters. Utilize the dynamic range controls to capture more details in both highlights and shadows. Enable focus peaking and zebra stripes to assist with accurate focus and exposure monitoring.

Manual Camera Controls

Take full control of your smartphone’s camera with manual controls provided by FiLMiC Pro. Adjust ISO, shutter speed, and focus manually to achieve precise exposure and depth of field. These controls give you creative freedom and the ability to capture professional-looking footage even in challenging lighting conditions.

Multiple Lens Support

FiLMiC Pro is compatible with devices that have multiple lenses, such as dual-camera setups or devices with ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. Seamlessly switch between lenses to capture different perspectives and enhance your visual storytelling.

Focus and Exposure Assist Tools

FiLMiC Pro offers focus and exposure assist tools to help you achieve accurate and consistent results. Utilize focus peaking to highlight areas of sharp focus, and use the waveform monitor and histogram to analyze exposure levels. These tools ensure that your footage is properly exposed and in focus, even in complex shooting situations.

Log and Flat Color Profiles

For advanced color grading and post-production flexibility, FiLMiC Pro provides Log and flat color profiles. These profiles preserve more dynamic range, allowing for greater flexibility in adjusting colors and tones during editing. Capture footage with increased latitude and unleash your creativity during the post-production process.

Frame-by-Frame Control

FiLMiC Pro offers frame-by-frame control, allowing you to analyze and adjust your footage on a granular level. Scrub through your video timeline, step forward or backward frame by frame, and make precise edits or adjustments.

Comprehensive Editing Tools

FiLMiC Pro features built-in editing tools to fine-tune your videos directly within the app. Trim and rearrange clips, adjust playback speed, and add titles or text overlays. Enhance your videos with filters, color adjustments, and audio enhancements to create a polished final product.

Integration with External Accessories

FiLMiC Pro seamlessly integrates with various external accessories, such as stabilizers, microphones, and lens attachments, to enhance your video recording capabilities. Connect and control compatible accessories directly from the app to achieve professional-quality results.

In summary, FiLMiC Pro is a feature-rich app that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a professional video recording tool. With its advanced controls, manual settings, editing capabilities, and compatibility with external accessories, FiLMiC Pro empowers users to unleash their creativity and capture stunning videos with ease. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or an aspiring content creator, FiLMiC Pro is the ultimate companion for elevating your mobile video production to the next level.

MOD APK version of FiLMiC Pro

MOD feature

  • License Patched
  • Cinematographer Kit Unlocked

– Mods may not work on all devices.


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