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IELTS Speaking - Prep Exam easy to improve IELTS Speaking Band at home.
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Sep 28, 2023
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Did you know that in an IELTS test with 4 skills including Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, Speaking is always the most difficult skill to practice? Not because it’s harder than the rest, but because we often don’t have enough tools to hone it, and it’s very difficult to practice them at home, at least need someone around to listen and evaluate pronunciation or find mistakes to correct.

About IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking is a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile application designed to help users improve their English speaking skills for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. Developed with a focus on providing effective speaking practice and valuable feedback, the app is a valuable resource for individuals preparing for the IELTS Speaking test. With its interactive features, model answers, and personalized assessments, IELTS Speaking offers a convenient and efficient way for users to boost their confidence and performance in the speaking component of the IELTS exam.

Speaking Practice Tests

IELTS Speaking offers a wide range of practice speaking tests that simulate the format and structure of the actual IELTS Speaking exam. Users can practice answering typical IELTS speaking questions and improve their fluency, coherence, and pronunciation.

Model Answers

The app provides model answers for each speaking question, showcasing how to structure and present a well-organized and coherent response. Users can learn from these examples and apply the strategies in their own speaking practice.

Real-Time Evaluation

IELTS Speaking incorporates advanced speech recognition technology to evaluate users’ spoken responses in real-time. This feature provides instant feedback on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency, enabling users to identify areas for improvement.

Personalized Feedback

Based on the evaluation of users’ responses, the app generates personalized feedback and suggestions for enhancing their speaking skills. This individualized approach helps users target their weaknesses and focus on specific areas of improvement.

Speaking Topics and Vocabulary

The app offers a diverse range of speaking topics that are commonly encountered in the IELTS Speaking test. Users can explore these topics and expand their vocabulary to confidently discuss a wide array of subjects.

Practice With Native Speakers

IELTS Speaking allows users to engage in practice sessions with native English speakers or experienced language tutors. These live practice sessions provide valuable opportunities for authentic language practice and receive feedback from native speakers.

Progress Tracking

The app features a progress tracking system that records users’ performance in each practice test. Users can review their improvement over time and set goals for further development.

Tips and Strategies

IELTS Speaking offers valuable tips and strategies for tackling the different parts of the IELTS Speaking exam. Users can learn about effective time management, structuring responses, and maximizing their speaking score.

User Interface and Experience

IELTS Speaking boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, allowing users to navigate the app effortlessly. The app’s design ensures that users can access speaking practice tests, model answers, and personalized feedback conveniently, making it an accessible tool for learners of all proficiency levels.


IELTS Speaking is a valuable and essential app for individuals preparing for the IELTS Speaking test. With its comprehensive speaking practice tests, model answers, and personalized feedback, the app offers a convenient and effective way for users to enhance their English speaking skills. Whether for IELTS exam candidates or English learners seeking to improve their fluency and confidence, IELTS Speaking is a powerful tool that equips users with the necessary skills to excel in the speaking component of the IELTS exam.

MOD APK version of IELTS Speaking

MOD feature

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