Peglin APK + MOD (Full Game Unlocked, Unlimited Gold)

The award-winning roguelike-deckbuilder Peglin is finally available on Android! This version lets you try it before you buy it with unlimited access to the first third of the game and a one-time purchase to own the complete game and all future updates!
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Sep 7, 2023
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Peglin plays like a combination of Peggle and Slay the Spire. The enemies are tough, and if you’re defeated your run is over, but you’ve got powerful orbs with special effects and incredible relics that influence both your enemies and the physics you’ll use to defeat them.

About Peglin

Peglin is a turn-based strategy game that combines elements of pinball and pachinko. The game was developed by One Side Software and was released on Steam in February 2021. In Peglin, players control a small ball that is launched into a peg-filled arena, and the objective is to clear all the pegs on the screen before running out of balls.


The game starts with a simple tutorial that teaches players how to launch the ball, move the launcher, and use the different abilities available in the game. Once the tutorial is complete, players can choose from three different game modes: Adventure, Quick Play, and Daily Challenge.

In Adventure mode, players travel through a series of levels, each with a different layout and objective. The levels range in difficulty, and players must use different strategies to clear all the pegs. Some levels have special power-ups that can help players clear pegs more efficiently, while others have obstacles that make it more difficult to hit all the pegs.

Quick Play mode allows players to select any level they have unlocked in Adventure mode and play it again to try and beat their high score. Daily Challenge mode gives players a new level to play every day, and the objective is to get the highest score possible.

The game also has a level editor, which allows players to create their own levels and share them with the community. Players can also play levels created by other players, providing endless replayability.

Game Mechanics

Peglin has a unique physics-based gameplay mechanic that combines elements of pinball and pachinko. Players launch a ball from the launcher at the bottom of the screen and use the flippers on the sides to guide the ball towards the pegs. The pegs are arranged in different patterns, and each peg has a different point value.

The game has several different abilities that players can use to help clear the pegs. The abilities include a bomb that explodes on impact, a splitter that divides the ball into two, and a magnet that attracts the ball towards it. Each ability has a cooldown period, and players must use them strategically to maximize their score.

As players progress through the levels, they encounter special pegs that have different effects. Some pegs provide a score multiplier, while others spawn power-ups or activate special abilities. There are also obstacle pegs that block the ball’s path, and players must use the flippers to bounce the ball around them.

Graphics and Sound

Peglin features a colorful and vibrant visual style that is reminiscent of classic arcade games. The game has a cartoony aesthetic, and the character design is cute and appealing. The backgrounds change with each level, and they are designed to match the theme of the level.

The game also has an upbeat and catchy soundtrack that complements the gameplay. The sound effects are also well-done, with satisfying chimes and pings when the ball hits a peg or a power-up.


Peglin is a fun and addictive game that offers a unique blend of pinball and pachinko mechanics. The game is easy to learn but challenging to master, and the different game modes and level editor provide endless replayability. The game’s charming visuals and upbeat soundtrack make it a joy to play, and the physics-based gameplay mechanics ensure that each level is different from the last. Overall, Peglin is a must-play for anyone who enjoys casual games or arcade-style gameplay.

MOD APK version of Peglin

MOD features

MOD v1

  • Full Game Unlocked

MOD v2

  • Full Game Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gold: You can upgrade, even if you don’t have enough gold.



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